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“Meeting the rest of the Team”

Beccy – The face of reception
Beccy has been working at PDH Centre for 13 years, She started off as a dental nurse, and has worked her way up to being a senior member of the team. Beccy’s knowledge in dentistry along with her friendly personality has helped many patients feel at ease when coming to the dentist.
Beccy is very professional at work, but her soft side shows when she spends time with her family and friends, especially with her niece and nephew. Beccy enjoys a good old chick flick, but also an action packed film.

Emily – The sympathetic ear
Emily has worked at the practice for 16 years, previously worked for the upstairs practice, but joined PDH Centre 4 years ago. Emily has nursed with Mr. Semus from the beginning, and they have always joked that they are like an old married couple, and I think some patients would agree!
Emily lives with her partner Liam and their cat. She loves Formula 1 and was lucky enough to go the the Monaco Grand Prix last year..

Amy – Always with a Smile
Amy joined PDH centre 2 and a half years ago, previously working in a practice in Chesham. Amy is a very caring person, and her smile would put any patients nerves at ease. She is an asset to the team, and has worked hard with Dr. Tailor to create a great surgery partnership.
Amy lives with her partner Jason, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends and enjoys meals out and playing bingo.

Posted date: March 2, 2015
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