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New Patients

We are always happy to see new patients, adults and children.

All of our new patients will have a thorough 15 point consultation:

  1. Discuss concerns you have with the health of your teeth/mouth 
  2. Discuss concerns you have with the appearance of your smile
  3. Medical history
  4. Social factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and diet
  5. Check your TMJ/jaw joints for health and function
  6. Check the face and neck for signs of disease and oral cancer
  7. Check the soft tissues including the lips, cheeks, palate, tongue and floor of the mouth for signs of disease and oral cancer
  8. Review the way in which you are caring for you teeth and if necessary discuss ways to improve
  9. Examine the health of teeth looking for signs of tooth wear, tooth decay and failing restorations
  10. Examine the teeth for staining and discolouration
  11. Examine your bite
  12. Check the gums in detail for disease
  13. Take X-rays where necessary
  14. Discuss the findings of the exam and any treatment that may be indicated
  15. Discuss ways to improve the health of your mouth in the long term
For appointments or any other enquiry please call us on 01296 415234